Speeding up leasing and selling of commercial properties

Through our app. with built-in chat function, we speed up the leasing/selling of property by providing just-in-time and on-the-spot information to potential buyers/tenants who come across the properties on streets or on website, and connect them to chat directly with the landlord or their agents.

Drawing good online and offline traffic to commercial vacant spaces.

Through our crowd-sourcing online platform, we create interesting themes that attract targeted customers and then pop these events up at vacant commercial spaces, by which the vacant properties not only enjoy good foot traffic and attention, but also potentially collect short term revenue during the period of vacancy.

Cross-selling and cost-sharing in thematic pop-up events

Through our curation, quality brands are gathered to pop up on specific themes at the same time, which draws tremendous public interest and attention. This not only promotes cross-selling between brands, but share the cost in renting the spaces and running the events.

Optimizing benefits from vacant shopfront

With our apps that replaces untidy agent's advertisement, the shopfront can be saved for revenue-generating uses such as advertising and online shopping, or for charity and other social benefits.

Useful traffic information

Through our intelligent shopfront with built-in smart camera and lock, landlord and brands can collect pedestrian traffic at different days of a week or different hours of a day, through which they can have more reference information in asking rent/ price, and brands have better picture of future customer profiles.

Upgrading neighbourhood and ultimately the value of property

Replacing the unsightly unattended shopfront with much more attractive smart frontage and QR code not only remove the bad impression of long-term vacancy but also make the neighbourhood more attractive to people. This will ultimately help upgrading the district and boost land value of the property.


Dr. Chan Lai Kiu

Chief Executive Officer

Renowned award winning architect and blogger with experience of developer, retailer, multidisciplinary designer, entrepreneur and curator, and life long passion in high density culture and search for the wisdom of Hong Kong people in use of space. Previously being Director of Design and Project of Hysan Development, she led team to complete Hysan Place and many very successful asset enhancement projects, which demonstrate her strong leadership and business insights.

Kelvin Chong

Business Director

Serial entrepreneur in technology and healthcare. Over the years, he has founded and transformed companies in Australia, Malaysia and Hong Kong into awards winning and significant industry player. Kel loves adventures and constantly trying something new, fun and mind boggling, Crikey!

Sunny Cheung

Chief Technology Officer

Maker, Entrepreneur and Developer. In depth knowledge of various computer programming languages with over 10 years of experiences on full stack software development including Websites and Mobile Apps. Member of Maker community group Dim Sum Labs.

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